Brand new to CrossFit Novus? Please choose from one of the following:


Newbie CrossFitter


Our on-ramp course is intended for individuals who have no former CrossFit experience or those in need of a "refresher" who have not participated in CrossFit workouts in 3+ months. This is a mandatory 2-week course with 2 sessions per week, either one-on-one or in a small group setting. This course will introduce you to basic CrossFit movements, terminology and workouts to better prepare you for our main group classes.

Experienced or New CrossFitter


Purchase of memberships are available to those who are currently CrossFitting or who have already completed our on-ramp course. If you have former CrossFit experience, you must have held an active CrossFit membership in the last 3 months. Exceptions may be granted in certain cases in discussion with a staff member. Please click here to view our membership options.

Experienced CrossFitter


We love dropping in at other boxes while working or travelling and welcome those who would like to join us for a WOD. Please note that drop-ins are only available to those who hold active memberships at another CrossFit affiliate.